Game Trauma/Drama

Yes, of course I watched the Vikings game last night. Just because we are not huge football addicts in this house, does not mean we don’t know how to watch football. Here’s the thing I decided though . . .

Football has too much drama for me.
Sure. I’ll say it again. There is too much emotional turmoil in a football game to make it enjoyable for me to watch.
They’re winning. They’re losing.
They’ve made the most brilliant play in the history of football.
They dropped the ball. On the ground. Now the other team has it.
They’ve got plenty of time. They’ve got too much time. They are out of time.
Someone’s injured. Someone’s limping. Someone needs a clean shirt. (No, really. Brett Farve’s shirt got ripped and they gave him a new one.)
It’s too loud. It’s too quiet.
Good call. Bad call. Reviewed call.
I couldn’t take it. I had to leave the room — well, you know in the horror movie sort of way. I lingered nearby, so whenever Brent made a loud noise, I would come running back.
To tell the truth, I am a little relieved they lost. I don’t think I could have made it through the Super Bowl.

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