Big Minne

My dad calls the lake here in West Lake Woebegone “The Big Minne.” He and my mother find this hilarious. Want to know how I got so kooky? Meet my parents.

Anyway . . . I do believe the ice is going to go out on the The Big Minne (Minnesota’s 13th largest lake, if you’re keeping track) any moment now. This is always a sure sign of spring.
No, I take that back. Sometimes it still snows even after the lake has gone out, but I am optimistic this year.
In years past, community organizers have tied an old car to a tree (to assist with getting it out of the water) and left it on the ice. Then you buy a raffle ticket with the date you think the car will go in. I don’t think they have done this since I have been an adult because I would be all over that. My mom always bought Cyberspace Sarah’s birthday and mine. Cyberspace’s birthday is next week, so the odds were way in her favor over mine at the end of April. I used to find this unfair, but now I am glad that the ice has gone by the end of April.
It’s all in perspective.

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