Sharif don’t like it

I have to tell a story on s’daughter Shelby and I hope I don’t embarrass her when I do so. I am positive it was not her intention to do anything but sing. (No one reads this, honey. Not even your dad. Don’t worry.)

Shelby is in Norway and even though I am not her birth parent, I am certainly capable of worry over her. I gave her many good looks in the eyes before she left, “Think smart! Stay safe! Stay safe! By the way, stay safe!! I want you to stay safe!! Think of ways to stay safe!!” Shelby is lovely and mature and blah, blah, blah, but think of that girl in Italy convicted for the death of her roommate. Just want Shelby to stay safe. It’s not like we could just hop in the car and go get her if she got the flu (which she did) or needed a ride home from the party (don’t know), but she’s been over there for several months having a great time.
Now today, I was in a couple of conversations about worrying about scarring your kids for life and needing to take to your bed with worry over it when Shelby posted this Facebook status: “Sharif don’t like it . . . Rockin’ the Casbah . . . Rock the Casbah.” It was all very innocent on her part. She had it stuck in her head and no one else knew it, but I know it because it is one of my very favorite songs of all time. Any time we hear that song, I scream like I am 15 years old.
And, if by chance, one of my favorite songs of all time can get stuck in her head, what other positive messages might be in there as well?
Oh, yes.
It gives a parent hope.

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