To Tell Truth

I’m not a huge fan of Oprah, but I watch from time to time and I tuned in Thursday to watch Reille Hunter because — now give me a chance here — I wanted to find something about her to like. If not to like — to understand.

I have been down some unattractive roads, and I am not going to judge her because she made some bad decisions. I will start to judge her if she lacks remorse, however. I wanted to see something that made me feel less ill every time I see one of the players on television or read about them in the news — not because I agree or disagree with them politically, but because I am a human being and the whole thing was just so yucky.
I’m waiting for . . .
* John Edwards to come out and say he was wrong and he’s sorry he hurt his family, Reille, the new baby and the American people for straight up lying to each and every one of us.
* Elizabeth Edwards to stop with martyr thing and admit all was not right in her marriage, that she knew more than she said, that she played a part in deception and cover up to American people.
* Andrew Young to own up to the fact that he was trying to elevate himself with money and/or power by assuming responsibility for the tiny baby and then writing a book about it.
* Reille Hunter to admit that her half naked photo shoot for GQ was not the only bad decision she made in this whole to-do.
Apparently, I will be waiting longer for the last one, because I didn’t hear it on Thursday. Why can’t someone just tell the truth?
Poor, poor tiny baby. What a way to come into the world.

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