Riding Bike

I’d picked out a song for an event and gave it to the event planner through an email. I was going to sing it. It was going to be an anthem for a movement. I was really excited. I was going to get a lot of glory for this. At the very least the event planner was going to say thank you.

My email was never acknowledged. I figured it got lost.
Tonight I discovered someone else is singing the song I picked out.
I went and got on my new bike.
As soon as I started, I knew where I was going. It’s a resort about 5K from my house. It’s a resort at the bottom of a hill. I would show them. I would coast down to that resort, turn around and bike my little heart up that hill. I would find victory in getting to the top of that stupid hill.
I biked and biked and biked. I coasted down the hill to the resort, and I turned around ready to face my Goliath of a hill.
I chanted a little blue engine type chant. I biked and biked and biked. I kept looking up, ready to get to the challenging part of the hill . . . but before I knew it, I was at the top looking back on the road I traveled to get to what I thought was the big Goliath hill.
And I realized, the road was a long slope uphill. I had done the hard part of my bike ride before I even got to that downhill section. That little ride up from the resort was really nothing compared to what I had done to get out there.
I know that there is a life lesson somewhere in there, but I am still too mad and too tired to realize what it is.
I’m pretty sure I will discover that life has very little to do with what I plan.

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