Old Children

If you have small children and you don’t also have adult aged children (AC), I would highly recommend getting some.  I don’t know how you’re going to go about this.  Adoption maybe.  I upgraded when I got married and got the deluxe package — one of each.  Sure there was a waiting process while they became adults, but it was totally worth it. Plus, now one of them is getting married and so there’s a bonus adult kid! Nice!

I mention this because Big Daddy Brent’s Father’s Day gift suggestion was a night out with a date — I just assumed he meant me.  I approached the AC thinking this would be a nice (and free) gift for them to provide.  They were more than willing!  They were excited!  They were prepared!  I mean how cool is that? Cool.

The AC live in Fargo-Moorhead and so we had dinner at the Hotel Donaldson which is not a bad way to spend an evening.  In fact, there are several lovely options in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.  Now, I know what you’re thinking but “Romantic Downtown Fargo” is not an oxymoron.  I have been places.  I have seen things.  I’m telling you, you could do much, much worse for date night.  Especially when your children are safe with their siblings.

Yes, you definitely need to get yourself some old children.


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