Preschooler Vader

Preschooler D and I just got back from a three day visit to see Baby . . . Oh, I can’t say. I am sorry.  I don’t mean to keep you in suspense this way but Cyberspace Sarah hasn’t posted it on her blog, so I don’t think I should put it on mine.  For now, we’ll call her Baby Z.  You can decide for yourself if it’s Zinnia or Zarathustra or some such thing.

Baby Z is teeny tiny and we just fell in love with her weensy self.  We absolutely had to buy her an itty bitty bunny to ride around in her baby carrier with her so she wouldn’t get lonely.  I was freaking out that she did not have a small stuffed animal in there with her.  In this photo I am holding hands with her until I can find something for her to hold.

Okay, truthfully, Preschooler D could have cared less about Baby Z, but he was beside himself to see Aunt Sarah and have her — almost — to himself.

So anyway, we did some shopping while we were down there, and D started to notice the Halloween decorations and he was getting pretty excited.  One night on the trip back to the hotel I said, “D, have you thought about what costume you would like for Halloween?”

His answer:  A witch.

Now friends and loved ones, gender issues aside, have I not made it perfectly clear by this time that I am a die-hard peacenik evangelical Christian?  None of those things match with my preschooler being a witch for Halloween.  I mean, beside the fact that the crowd I run with is deeply into “harvest” parties verses Halloween Trick-or-Treating, I personally just can’t get into the before-school-set running around as masters of the dark arts.  No, no.  Cousin Natalie passed down a tremendously cute monkey costume complete with stuffed banana.  That’s more what I had in mind.

So I said, “Well, D, that’s one idea, OR you could be — maybe — a cowboy or a Star Wars guy.”

“Oh!”  He exclaimed with delight.  “I’ll be a Star Wars witch!”

We’re going to have to work on this.


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