Speaking of the Flu Shot

So, I had my flu shot as well last week.  Hopefully the flu shot will match the flu strains this year.  Do you remember last year I bought the movie Cleopatra so I could watch it when I got sick over the winter?  I never did get that sick.  It is still sitting in its plastic shrink wrap.

I’m just sitting here trying to decide if that should be my health care plan again this year — buy a long movie I would like to watch.  It seems whenever I get so sick I must take to my bed, the only thing on TV is an America’s Next Top Model marathon.

Now what movie would I like to watch this year when I am so sick I have time for two movies?  Gone with the Wind? Nah. Too windy.  Titanic? No.  Too watery. Something flowery from the BBC, perhaps?  Hmmmmm. I have to think about that.

Stay tuned.


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