The Trick or Treating that Never Was

So after talking about his Star Wars witch/Darth Vader costume for a month, Preschooler D would not put it on when the big event arrived last night.  Oh, but you should have heard the bargaining.

If you wear a costume, Grandpa and Grandma will give you candy!
What about just the shirt?
What about a different costume?
Here is a Tigger costume.
Here is a doctor costume.
Here is a monkey costume.
This is just a skeleton sweatshirt.
How about just a hat?
How about just some ears?
How about I paint a mustache on you?
What if Colin wears a costume? (“NO!”)
Urgent whisper:  JUST PLAY ALONG!
What if Mommy wears a costume?
What if Daddy wears a costume? (“NO!”)
Urgent whisper:  JUST PLAY ALONG!

Fine.  Can you at least go and deliver Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner invitations?

“I’m not getting out of the car.”

Fine.  Well, he did and managed to score quite a bit of candy anyway.  Colin did, too, for somebody who didn’t even go along.

While they were gone, Colin asked if he could have some candy out of our basket.  I looked at him very seriously and said, “Not until you put on a costume.”

He came down with this:

“Wait!” he said before I took the picture.  He then posed in that great preteen angry look. Love it!


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