A Poem for Tuesday on Wednesday: The PD Saga, Part 3

Back at the beginning of this week’s story about Preschooler D, there was a moment when Brent and I were staring at my computer as the full realization of what PD has done came over us.  I walked through the process of what he had done to see how easy it was and had that screen up that showed the default choice of $140 on it.

PD came by and glanced up.  “Oh!  I bought some money, Mommy.”

I sighed.  “Yes.  I see that.”

He was so proud.

He’d been so smart.

I couldn’t be angry at him because he had no concept of exactly what it was he had done.  I was the one who needed to learn several valuable lessons from this situation, and I hope to heaven I have.

Today’s poem is about a boy and his ice cream.  You must go here to enjoy it.


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