Spreading Rumors

Is is just me?  Remember this gem from Hee Haw?

Now we’re not ones to go round spreadin’ rumors

Why really we just not the gossiping kind

Oh, you’ll never hear one of us repeating gossip

So you’d better be sure to listen close the first time!

Oh!  Precious memories.  What can I say.  We only got two channels back in the day.

I’ve been thinking about gossip.  In the evangelical circles I run around in sometimes we call it “prayer requests.”  You just really need to pray for so-and-so because they did such-and-such.  Now, don’t generalize.  Not everyone does that . . . but some do.

Back 20 years ago I got myself into quite a pickle that set every one’s tongues wagging out here in West Lake Woebegone.  Some of it was true.  Most of it was not.  I think everyone had an opinion on the subject — which was me.  The stories just got bigger and bigger.

For a long time after I wanted to give as good as I got.  If there was talk to be talked I wanted in on the action.  If there wasn’t talk I was a good speculator about people and I imagine I started a few things whether I meant to or not.

Some time over the last four or five years the fun went out of it.  I started to feel like gossip didn’t really suit me so much any more.  I started to think I had enough business of my own to worry about much less stick my nose in someone else’s.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped entirely.



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