Writer’s Block Friday

Blah, blah, blah . . .

* I’ve been running.  No, don’t get too excited.  I’m only telling you because I know you won’t hold me accountable.  You know I walk.  Well, I added a little running.  Very little running.  I even went so far as to buy running shoes.  I was thinking if it made my knees hurt, I would probably quit within the week.  Well, I’ve made it a whole week.  I’ve got four more weeks of training before I run a virtual 5K — which I don’t really understand.  How’s that going to work?

But — really — let’s not get too excited just yet.  Remember that I will be on vacation one of those weeks.  Do we really think I will go the extra mile (ha, ha) and run on vacation?  I don’t know. Maybe.  Do you think Big Daddy would run with me?  Would he leave me in the dust having a panting, sweaty asthma attack?

Stay tuned.

* Conferences for Colin yesterday.  Yes, I do have a brilliant, respectful and kind student, thank you for asking. We knew this, didn’t we?  Still . . . it’s nice to hear it out loud from people at school and it’s nice to hear it when you don’t always see it at home.  It’s not uncommon for him to be lethargic, disrespectful and unkind at home.

Are you like me?  Did you read EVERY baby book you could lay your hands on?  Well, I quit reading for a while and now I am reading EVERY teenager book I can lay my hands on.

Stay tuned.

* Did I tell you Preschool D sat on the potty Monday.  Sat on it successfully if you catch my drift.  I cheered and clapped and did a dance.  Yeah, then he was done.  No, I mean done.  He’d done it once.  He’d proved he could do it.  No need to do it again.

Stay tuned . . . I hope.


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