Story Telling

24 hours later and I have received no bag and no job offer from Tastefully Simple.  It’s all right.  I’m starting to think it was not meant to be.  I suppose the honest way to have gotten one of those bags was to be a Tastefully Simple consultant.  As there are quite a few of those here in my neck of the woods (See photo from my cupboard below) . . . well, it’s all right.  Life moves on.  There will be other totes.

Story telling is a tricky thing.  I had told the Southern Mommy story several times upon returning home and was met with blank stares.  I thought it was hilarious.  On Tuesday at ECFE I told the mommy-friends the Southern Mommy story, and they just howled.  I didn’t even get beyond, “I’m fixin'” and they were laughing.  They knew.  They had been at that mothering point.  It’s all in your perspective.

Later, at lunch, I tried to tell my bag story to my little friend Amber.  Now Amber is a born salesperson, and she just didn’t get how I managed to walk away from that situation without a bag.  “I thought there was going to be a bag at the end of this story,” she said.  “No,” I replied.  “It’s a sad story.”

I also saw my friend Mary that day.  Mary of this entry and this entry.  She had sort of a smirk on her face when I picked up the dog from the kennel the day before.  Sort of a look in her eye when she asked me how “Central Florida” was.  When I saw her the next day I was going to tell some sort of boring detail of my life and she starting laughing and said, “Oh, I know!  I read your blog!”  Well, that made me laugh.

I mean a story is never as good the second time around, is it?


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