Friends and loved ones, Preschooler D has dropped an entire glass of water on my computer.  This was bad for the computer.  Very bad.  How bad, I do not yet know.  Worse than when Baby D took the scissors to the screen leaving it with long diagonal scratches.  I have unplugged it, mopped up the water and am laying hands on it (shout out to my evangelical friends).

Most of my pictures are backed up. The only big loss will be my Christmas list.

BUT as we know, live streaming video from CNN was an essential part of my nonstop trial coverage.  Especially so now that my cable has gone out.  (frown face)

Perhaps it is a sign.

No, no — not as long as I have an XM signal.  It’s all just as well since we are getting to the autopsy photos.

In the meantime, as my Grandpa Malmberg used to say, “Expect me when you see me.”

Or read me, I guess, as the case may be.


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