Danger: Stand Back

DAY 19:  The prosecution rested this morning, and the defense will begin tomorrow.  To my way of thinking that defense team is going to have to move fast and talk fast.  They are going to argue that Casey was molested by her father and that is why she is a big, fat liar.  Now either she was and that is very sad, or she is a big, big, big fat liar and she’s making that up too.  Sadder yet.  This whole thing is so sad, I am almost sorry I got involved. 

Monday was a really emotional day for me and I thought, “Great, I will just cry my little eyes today and then I will be done.”  And so I was, but yesterday I was accident prone.  If I could pinch it, poke it, squash it, stab it, trip over it, I did.

For example, I was trying to get the ice cream maker bowl out of the deep freezer.  It was at the way bottom next to a forgotten frozen turkey and instead of taking everything out, I tried to pull and tug it free.  I was pinching my fingers.  I was breaking fingernails I’ve grown out for the wedding.  I still couldn’t get it out.  Finally I gave a really big pull; the bowl popped out; and I smacked myself on the bridge of the nose with the large frozen bowl.


By the end of the day I was covered in pink Hello Kitty band aids that Preschool D picked out at the store but won’t use.

To be honest, I am a little nervous about what today has in store for me.

Otherwise, everything is going fine.



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