Writer’s Block Wednesday

Blah, blah, blah . . .

*Is it possible to have cabin fever in June?  It’s 63 degrees today.  What the stink?  I am tempted to turn the heat on.  I have in June.  Oh yes, I have, but now I am angry and I feel like I am not going to give in to the weather.  But just whom — of the two of us — do I think is going to win this battle?  If I just throw my chin out the weather will relent and climb into the 70s?  It’s this sort of weather pattern that gives Minnesota a bad name.

* Because of the unseasonable weather we are going to the movies today.  If there were any money in the vacation fund, I would pack up the boys and drive down to Florida.  No, seriously.  A Northern gal like me is not normally allowed to go into the southern states this time of year.  Too hot.  Too humid.  But I am cold and so pale I look like Night of the Living Dead Mommy.

* The dog has ripped up a night time Pull Up.  Yuck.  It’s not just batting you know.  It’s some sort of gel stuff — now spread all over the carpet in the hall.  I’ve already vacuumed twice this month.  Good heavens.  There’s going to be some sort of cleanliness record set here. HA!!


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