Day 27

Okay, so yesterday Casey Anthony’s mom Cindy got on the stand and said she was the one who who looked up the word “chloroform” on the Internet.  She was worried, she testified, about the substances in hand sanitizer and also concerned about something the dog ate so she also looked up “chlorophyll.”

So, all right.  She, as you know, is a home health care nurse but did not understand what chloroform is or that the dog would probably not die from chlorophyll.  Remind me not to need home health care in Florida. (Also please let me never have to answer for all the bizarre things I look up on the computer — like parasites and child labor laws.)

Who besides me thinks she’s lying?

It really is an interesting question.  What would you do to save your child from the death penalty?  Would you lie on the witness stand?  Would you think you had already lost your grandchild and what would be the use of losing your child as well?  Or would you find justice for your grandchild even if it meant your child would face the electric chair . . . or whatever it is they use in Florida?

I am going to do everything in my power as a parent to make sure I never find out.

Here’s my next problem.  Casey was a major freaky liar.  Didn’t anyone in her family notice this before now?  Why isn’t anyone asking this question — Did Casey always lie like this?  Or is this new?  Were you worried about her?  Did she taunt small animals?  I suppose some FBI person did somewhere along the line.  It probably isn’t useful to anyone’s case, but it is certainly something I would like to know.

We shall add it to our list of questions when we get to heaven:

Was JFK killed by a lone gunman?
Are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Princess Diana still alive?
Why do people who don’t want children have them while people who really want them don’t?
Was Casey Anthony a sociopath or just garden variety crazy?


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