Water, Water Everywhere

It’s town water festival time.  West Lake Woebegone has been preparing all week.  The street sweepers were out.  The porta-potties are here.  The route detour signs have been dug out for parade day.  Our little town will balloon from 3,000 to 20,000 over the weekend.

Now, it’s true that 20,000 people isn’t that many in the big picture of the world’s population, but it’s a lot for us.  There’s only one stoplight in the county, and it’s at the center of our downtown.  My dad was saying at dinner last night that he had to wait two cycles before he could drive through.  Believe me, friends and loved ones, that only happens once a year. Well . . . maybe on fishing opener weekend.

I am hoping tonight that I will run into my friend Betsy tonight.  Betsy keeps stuff in her purse so that she can paint anchors on your toenails for the occasion.  I’ve painted them blue and slapped some rhinestones on just in case.  Here they are in red from two years ago:

No, it’s true it doesn’t take much to amuse me, but think of how easy it must be to get along with me.


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