Water, Water Everywhere II

Hey, everyone!  I know you are anxious for my polish update. We’ll look at it tomorrow.  Yesterday just as we were waking up the tornado sirens went off.  The storm sounded pretty serious, and so we got up and went right away.  The power went out almost as soon as we got there.  We sat in the messy and slightly damp basement on the stairs in the dark.  We heard lots of booming and crashing.  There wasn’t a tornado in town, but there were very powerful winds.  When we came out of the basement, this was what the swing set looked like:

Not good.  Not good for the swing set.  Not good for the pear tree, but over the course of the day we discovered that we were very fortunate.  Here’s my next door neighbor’s brand new car:

Do you see how the tree came out by the roots? The ground is so saturated with water that the trees are just falling over during these big storms.  There are — I’m not exaggerating — hundreds (some are saying a thousand) of trees down in West Lake Woebegone.  Here my cousin Jenny and I are doing a Lewis and Clark photo shoot by the park. (Because we are silly that way.) You can see another example of how these big, healthy trees just crashed over:

I didn’t take any more photos because it seemed sort of morbid to me.  I’ll leave that to my dad, the journalist. People were driving by all day to take pictures of Neighbor Dale’s car.  I wish I’d put a donation bucket out for him.


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