Water Clean Up

Yesterday we were really excited to see the city crews coming down the block.  They took the tree off Neighbor Dale’s car and hauled it away.

Neighbor Dale is still shaking his head that the tree hit his new car and not his old pickup parked right behind it.  He’s also not sure how the back window didn’t break.  (I guess it’s a really safe car.)  He did say, though, that he’s very grateful he wasn’t sitting in it at the time.
This is just one load from this block.  There were several from Dale’s tree mess.  It was a big, old ash tree.
The guys on the crew said if we shoved our debris out into the street, they would pick it up.  It was a rush of neighbors helping each other rake stuff into the street.  By the time I got over to photograph it, they were done.
I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again.  Our city crew has the nicest, hardest-working guys (because they are all guys) around.  Gigi, my grandmother, does the gardens in one of the parks and they rig up a system so she can water.  They make the town look clean and nice before our big festival, and the next day they are on the move to get things cleaned up.  They flood a skating rink in the winter.  Often in the winter we wake up at 5 am or earlier to the sound of the snowplows going past.  They probably do hundreds of things we never notice because they do it so well.  Picking up our debris yesterday saved us and the neighbors many hours of work.  It’s one of many reasons why I am so fond of my little community.

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