Pumpkin Day

It was Pumpkin Patch Day at the preschool.  Imagine yourself on a school bus with 60 some preschoolers excited to see tractors, squirrels, emergency exit signs, houses, farms, trees . . .  We got off the bus and I turned to mommy-friend Emily and said, “Only 13 more years of field trips to go.”  She threw her head back and sighed wearily.

They were so stinky cute, though.  It was hard to stay jaded about the trip.

It was interesting to see what pumpkin qualities appealed to the kids.  Some wanted gigantic pumpkins they could not carry.  (I may have sore arms tomorrow.)  Some wanted tiny pumpkins and had to be convinced that carving them would be difficult.

D. was attracted to nice medium sized pumpkins, but he wanted a clean one.  I think that tells us a something as well . . . but I’m not sure what exactly.


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