Thanksgiving Camp Out

All of Big Daddy’s children were safely under one roof last night.  This is in our spare room, and that was a problem:

No, not a problem.  We can work around that.

Since D’s room has the most floor space, I thought we’d put s’on Jeremy and Rachel in his room.  When D saw the camp out in his room he decided he wanted to join. Can you see him over there?  The dog chose this room as well.

It made me think of this song.*  Jeremy and Rachel get my vote for best Thanksgiving Eve sports.

Colin got a sleeping bag and moved onto our floor.  (You will recognize the carpet, of course.) He’s under there.  Trust me.

This left favorite s’daughter Shelby alone in Colin’s room — which is sort of funny as she is the most social one of us all.

What a good day to count our blessings whatever they are — indoor plumbing, children, a good sense of humor.

Happy Thanksgiving, my blessed reader friend.

* Only the Holly Arlo Ronnie Pete way.  You either know what I mean or you don’t. I hope you do because it’s worth it.


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