Tree Topper

Maybe you know the story of how, when Cyberspace Sarah got married, she most looked forward to topping her tree with her own tree topper.  She could not have her own tree topper, though, because of the cute thing her husband had done as a small child.  One year while Brennan’s family was decorating the tree, Brennan ever so innocently asked, “Why do we put a star on top of the tree?  Baby Jesus should go on the top of the tree.  Christmas is about Jesus.” (or something like that.)  Cute right?  Thereafter his family’s tree was topped by Baby Jesus and when Cyberspace got married, she married the Baby Jesus Tree Topper.

What was she supposed to say?  “There will be no Baby Jesus on my tree!”

No.  No.  No.

As her sister, I always found the story hilarious.  I take my tree toppers very seriously.  In fact, the reason Cyberspace looked forward to having her own tree was because my angel went on top of our tree at home.

So flash forward to this year when Preschooler D decorated the tree in our kitchen.  I went to the basement to dig out the hand blown glass topper I had gently and carefully hand carried home from Germany.  It’s a thing of beauty.  Multi-colored. Shiny.  If you put it on the tree just right and the tree lights shine through it . . . brings tears to a gal’s eye every time.

“Okay!”  said D.  “Now we need a Baby Jesus Christmas Star.”

Um . . . but, son.  Look at Mother’s beautiful hand blown glass topper.  Shiny.

“D,” said I.  ” We don’t have a star.  We have this.”

He looked at me.  “We could make one.”

And so we did. And, you know what?  It’s beautiful.  Multi-colored.  Shiny.  If you put it on the tree and the lights hit it just right . . . brings a tear to a mother’s eye every time.


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