I know you have been waiting for news on the bathroom.  Ernie, T— (Troy? Ted? Theo? The plumber.), Tile Guy and Snookie the Taper have been gone since the first.  I have been waiting for everything to be just so and all clean and lovely before I showed you.

I have come to the realization that is never ever going to happen.  So without further ado . . .


We are missing a mirror.  We have tried two.  One was too small and one was too large.  We are awaiting a third.

And . . .

There’s the upstairs shower.  Very exciting!  Sure it was handy to be able to talk to one another through that cupboard, but we are adjusting.

The one downside is that I am forgetting about the laundry because I don’t see it piling up because I am not in the basement every morning.  I will adjust to this as well!


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