Back from the Desert and /or Dessert

A beautiful, darling angel-child traveled with me to Arizona.

Yeah, I know it looks like Preschooler D, but I am telling you I am just NOT sure.

This child never forgot to say please or thank you.
This child made grumpy looking air travelers smile.
This child charmed every person he encountered (including a fellow elevator traveler whom he thanked politely for pressing our floor button).
This child participated in all planned activities (including Grandpa’s long drive in the desert) with nary a complaint.

Yes, I know he is very similar in appearance, but . . . well . . . back at home, my child has appeared again whining about how much time he gets on the Wii, and what he wants to eat, and if he has a choice about wearing snow boots.

I am just not convinced it is the same boy, but I had a great time with that other kid, no matter who he was.

In other news, I have made it past the first filter in the bone marrow donation process.  I was just reading again that there are several more filtering steps before donation, so just keep keep on cheering for that unknown person.


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