Snow Day

Is there any greater look of joy on a kid’s face than when he hears school has been cancelled on account of bad weather?  If you know one, I will be glad to listen.  The victory is especially sweet when the announcement comes the night before, as it has to our house.

Yes, Minnesota has decided to act a little bit like Minnesota.

We spent the day in a blizzard watch counting our cans of tomato soup and shaking the milk jug to make sure there was an adequate supply.  As I write this we’ve been downgraded to a winter storm warning.  We’ll have to wait and see.

We were so ready.  So ready to get out the big coats and the Sorrels.  So ready to have school called off.  So ready with the snow blower.  And it just never came.

So hearing the ring of our land line phone and our cell phones all at once, Colin  started to do a little dance.  He knew he would sleep the sleep of a teenager who has had a little reprieve.  The sleep of a guy who was owed one this week because his mother and father missed the date change of piano contests, and he got up at 6:30 am last Saturday morning for nothing. Now he’ll have to get up at 6:30 am again this Saturday.

Oh, yes.  He was owed.


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