True Confession Thursday

Up until Sunday my five-year-old was still using a pacifier.

Don’t judge like you don’t have some skeletons in your parenting closet. Come on now.  I know you do.  Anyway on Sunday the pacifier went missing.  We were down to one and it was sad.  It was Fritz T’s goal every night to see if he could sneak it away from D without waking him up, and let me say, Fritz T is a talented dog.  Maybe not talented in the ways I would like — not barking at mailmen sort of talent — but talented.

That’s right.  I was letting my five-year-old use a pacifier the dog had repeatedly chewed on.

Fritz never ate the entire thing.  In fact he would usually come and deliver it like a prize.  Perhaps he was trying to remind me that five-year-olds shouldn’t be using pacifiers.

So anyway, the pacifier was missing and we spent the evening trying to track it down.  D, my future soap opera actor, had a traumatic time going to sleep.  “I will never sleep again!!!”  Eventually he did go to sleep, and so did we all. My husband got into bed, reached his arm under his pillow, and I heard this:  “shoot.”

Pacifier found.

Well, if you think I was going to have the first night without the pacifier be in vain, you are wrong.  The pacifier quickly became lost again in this drawer:

We’ve had a rough couple of nights, but he’s doing great.  He has a new video game today as a prize/bribe. I am not above that, and neither are you, and don’t tell me otherwise.

Tough Girl Running Journal (TGRJ): 1 mile. No animal bites. No foaming at mouth or gangrene from Tuesday — so far.
Blood Marrow Donation Journal (BMDJ):  Blood draw postponed until tomorrow.


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