Where Am I?

This weekend the weather in Minnesota made me wonder if I had been transported to a brown lake-filled Florida.  It will not surprise you to know, faithful reader, that my weather home page has the current temperature for Central Minnesota and the current temperature of a certain resort in Central Florida.  On Saturday morning the temperatures were the same.  Crazy.  Normally we’d be on sandbox watch about now.

Here it is:

I did not realize the sandbox was so blind until I went to take this picture.
I appreciate that we need to be aware and proactive about global warming and climate change, but I have to say that — and I think I speak for many of us — for most Minnesotans, it’s going to take us a while to really get on fire about this subject.  A mild winter and freakishly early spring is . . . well . . . nice in a climate where winter takes up most of the year. We could have been buried by a snowstorm on this date in mid-March and instead we were grilling.  
In our shorts.
We are living in our own spring break.  How great and economical is that?
TGRJ: 1.25 miles.  I really wanted to stop and walk the last two blocks, but I realized that I would be walking the extra mileage I was trying to add on today.  I made it.  I am almost up to the halfway point.  Caught a glimpse of a huffing and puffing little middle aged mommy in a business window.  Wait, that was me.  I’ve got to  work on looking cooler.  Literally.

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