Writer’s Block Tuesday

Blah, blah, blah . . .

It’s spring break week here.  Preschooler D has been wearing the same set of PJs going on 48 hours now.  We are all having a hard time remembering we took our fun trip to “Central Florida” during the teacher convention.  It’s a long time from October to March in Minnesota — even with the great weather we’ve been having.


Colin’s summer shoes arrived today thanks to the FedEx man.  They are the same size as his dad’s.  I am having a hard time keeping up with his teenage eating schedule this week.  I’ve set a huge bowl of snacks out in the middle of the kitchen.


To entertain D at lunch time I suggested we play Sorry with Brent.  D took about five turns, declared “this game is wearing me out,” and took his PJ’d self back to the couch.


From the whiny department:  Who besides me is tired of mommies who only post the best of their children on Facebook.  “Little Irwin is finally potty trained at 6 months!!!”  Since both my boys weren’t trained until after 4 years, this makes me want to make unloving statements in the comment section.  Something like “Who’s really trained, honey?  The kid or you?”


My last Facebook status: “Thought I was looking foxy at the grocery store. Turns out I had a big blob of coffee on my nose.” Yes, that really happened.  Yes, it really was a big blob.  It was where my nose pressed against my travel mug, so it covered the whole end of my nose.  Here I thought I’d been rocking my Phoenix Zoo sweatshirt.


Tough Girl Running Journal: I was out for what I had calculated to be a mile this morning.  It wasn’t.  It was .81 mile.  The wind was really howling this morning, and I don’t think I could have kept up my record of not stopping to walk much farther anyway. Every little bit counts, though.  Three weeks ago I didn’t know I
could run a  whole mile.


Blood Marrow Donation Journal:  Nothing to report.


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