Writer’s Block Friday: Still Nothing to Say

Blah, blah, blah . . .

We went to the Big Mall (You might call it the Mall of America) on Wednesday.  On Tuesday D declared it was hard staying home all the time.  This is so true.


I didn’t tell you but I was a small competition to be an Internet correspondent at a food and wine festival in California.  I think I was one of a handful of contestants.  Got my “thanks, but no thanks” email today.  It’s all right.  I can eat chocolate chips at home, I guess.  Who needs a stupid ol’ trip to California.


Tough Girl Running Journal:
Wednesday – Cross Training Day
Thursday – 1.5 miles. As I was running along my earphone cord was flapping around, and I decided that it was not helping the picture of fat mommy running.  I ordered some made for running.  They came today, and I must say I certainly look the part until I actually start running and you see the huffing and puffing fat mommy part in full.
Today – .5 miles.  This was nothing.  I am a machine!


Blood Marrow Journal:  No report


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