Pine Cone resting comfortably after exhausting trip through reproduction

 Who is ready for a break from 7th grade homework besides me?  Last night we had this:

(which is a pine cone in case you didn’t remember)
Fill in the blank.

The (blank) is (blank) and grows (blank) to (blank). (Blank) then (blank) and is released by (blank) which then (blank).

Okay.  I am exaggerating.  It wasn’t that bad.  Or maybe it was worse.  Either way, I wanted to cry.  I am going to be 43 in a couple of weeks.  I have two bachelor’s degrees and I just couldn’t figure out what was supposed to go in those blanks.

Not that I was doing my son’s homework for him, but reading comprehension isn’t really his bag.  It helps if I can point to the area in the text where he needs to start looking.  Only last night (and this was not the first time), the text and the worksheet didn’t seem to match.

This is good for me anyway.  Reading comprehension is my bag, so when I was Colin’s age I zoomed through these worksheets.  I retained none of it.  Now I know the life cycle of the pine cone.

Soon to be track star and favorite s’daughter Shelby.

Track is getting less painful for Colin each passing day.  We have yet to go to a track meet.  It was cold and rainy — and when I say “rainy” I mean snowy — from Friday to Monday, so two meets were rescheduled.  We try again this Friday.  I will keep you posted.


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