If I whine about how it’s going today — my actual birthday — my sister Cyerspace Sarah will drive up here and pinch me.  I will be silent.  Let’s just say some days don’t go as we plan, do they?

No, I had a truly delightful weekend with Big Daddy Brent.  We stayed at the hotel where he took me out for dinner on my 23rd birthday, (ahem) 20 years ago.  We had fun hanging out together, window shopping, eating and such.  The highlight of the trip was going to see Mama Mia.

Now, I knew that Mama Mia had a pretty enthusiastic following, but I was not prepared for how excited these friends would get.  The large grandpa-type man next to me could not stop dancing . . . even though there wasn’t really room for his dancing and my body in the seat next to him.

Grandma lady in front of us brought her daughter and three small granddaughters.  I wouldn’t have done that.  There are some “adult situations.”  It was all pretty funny stuff, but I wouldn’t have brought the boys.  At one point small granddaughter turned to ask her mother about a certain word that was used . . . that had to do with the pollination of gymnosperm . . . sort of.  I thought, “Well, that kinda serves you right, lady.”  Anyway, apparently grandma had gotten into an altercation with a man in the bar line and used a naughty word with him and then spun around and had a drink spilled on her.

“Serves you right,” said daughter.

I don’t know.  It was an interesting crowd.  Lots of cheering.  Lots of dancing.  That’s the way to celebrate a birthday!

PLUS, Brent bought me a pink birthday cake.  Just right for a gal in a household of boys.  Think I’ll eat some right now.


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