Welcome to our new home!

Did you bring a gift?  No?  It’s okay.  I think we will have everything we need here.

Oh, I am so grateful you made it to the new place! I am still under construction here, but I’ll get that straightened out.  Do you want to try leaving a comment?


10 thoughts on “Welcome to our new home!

  1. Welcome to the WordPress block. It is nice here and we are excited to have you part of the family. If you have any questions or want to make some tweaks I would be glad to show you around.

    Seriously, I think you will love the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress once you get to know it a little. Anyways, it’s your content we all love. Now, it’s just in a new home.

    Thanks for always bringing a smile to my day!

    • Thank you, Cyberspace. You know . . .

      For many years we’ve shared our lives
      One roof we once lived under
      Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
      Through winter storms and thunder
      The younger years have faded fast
      We’ve gone our separate ways
      But through all time our friendship lasts
      Our bond in life remains
      As summer brings the happy times
      The autumn winds will whisper
      A closer friend I’d never find
      Than the one I call my Sister.
      –Vernon 1985

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