I like it here, don’t you?  I think maybe it’s just the change of scenery I need right now.

I don’t think I told you I got a letter from the National Marrow Program last week.  I was a match for my patient, but he or she was not ready for a transplant (good or bad, I suppose) and they will contact me if it comes that Patient becomes ready.  I’m ready whenever Patient is.

In the meantime, running has taken a great setback this week.  I have been trying to pretend it’s not true, but my Achilles tendons have been killing me.  I have self-diagnosed myself with Achilles tendinitis.  The cure for this is different shoes (again), ease up on the hill work (too bad), and ice and rest.  I have been resting this week while I wait for the new shoes, and I have to say — and now I am the one who is most surprised by this — I am anxious to get back out there.

Stupid tendons.  Who needs ’em?


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