Preschooler D goes to a Wedding

Did you see the boat parade for the Queen?  Yes, not what I am used to at all, but I am sure very nice in its own way.

It was one of those crazy summer weekends when you have to pack too much into too small of a time.  Yesterday, we had church at our church plant, came back to our town for a graduation party, went back to the other town for a wedding and back to our town for the reception.

I knew it was going to be a long day for D, so I tried to prepare him as much as possible.  When we drove up to the church where the wedding was he shouted, “HEY! I thought we were going to eat cake and dance!!”

Well, yes, but not right now.

It was a beautiful wedding.  The bride is a missionary in Azerbaijan.  She glowed and floated down the aisle.  I mean if you are going to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon at a wedding, shouldn’t the bride float?


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