Last Day

Jubilee Watch: Aw, Prince Phillip had to go to the hospital yesterday and miss the rest of the festivities.  Well, I for one, am telling you I was exhausted by the weekend and I am not 91, bedecked with all sorts of ribbons and medallions, floating down the river.  Cheers to him!  He can watch the rest of it on TV.  It’s all right.  I think we all understand.

It’s the last day of school today.  I went back to read what I wrote last year, but it seems I was busy watching a certain trial. I, ahem, don’t really recall that, but you can look at any entry last year from May or June and see that I only turned off the TV and radio for s’on Jeremy’s wedding.  I probably didn’t even notice it was the end of the school year.

I decided recently that perhaps I have to curb my watching of live court tv.  D and I were discussing something I had done with my Grandma Malmberg.  “Not Gigi,” I said.  “My other grandma.  She died.”

“Oh!” said D.  “Who killed her?”

Dear, dear.  Need to turn back to PBS Kids every now and again.

There’s a certain bittersweetness to this time of year for the stay-at-home mom.  I am thrilled, THRILLED I tell you to be finished with pre-algebra and world geography for the year.  I am terrified, TERRIFIED I tell you about how we are going to keep ourselves busy without whining and complaining . . . and that’s just me.  What about the kids?



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