Scenes from Summer Vacation: Colin Makes Lunch

SCENE: It is noonish at the home.  The mother approaches her teenaged son.

THE MOTHER: Colin do you want to make yourself some lunch?

COLIN: (Grunt) Oh, yeah.

Colin approaches the refrigerator.  He opens and studies the contents of the refrigerator and freezer for a long, long time with both doors open, then closes them.

COLIN:  I’ll just wait for Dad.

MOTHER: No, Dad is going to be late for lunch and he has to leave right away again.  Why don’t you have a peanut butter sandwich.

COLIN: Yeah, I’ll have that.

(dramatic pause)

MOTHER:  I meant for you to make it.

COLIN: Oh. (Goes to cupboard.) This peanut butter?


COLIN: (small grunt as if opening new jar)

MOTHER: Wasn’t there an open jar?

COLIN: Dunno.

Mother goes to cupboard and get already open jar. Colin does an excellent job of smearing peanut butter on bread.  He goes to the refrigerator again and stands with the door open.

COLIN: Do you see the grape jelly?

MOTHER: (Goes to fridge and peeks in.) Yes. (Goes back to filling dishwasher for second time that day.)

COLIN: Where?

MOTHER: On one of the shelves.

COLIN: (Holding jar of grape jelly) Is this it?

MOTHER: What does it say?

COLIN: Grape jelly.

MOTHER: Then, yes.  That is the grape jelly.

I’m wondering if we need to rethink our lunch time.


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Summer Vacation: Colin Makes Lunch

    • I remember Jeremy going through a similar phase at this age. One time I told him to put his dish in the dishwasher. I believe he honestly couldn’t remember. I had to walk him through the process. He then grew to be a responsible adult with a car payment, so I have hope.

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