Bloom Off the Rose

The proverbial bloom is off the summer vacation rose.  Last week everyone slept in and did what they were told and made promises to the Grandpas and looked at their to-do lists with interest.

Not so much this week.  It does not help that it has been cold and rainy.

Monday the boys and I drove to Sam’s Club an hour away to purchase snacks for the summer.  Let’s just say we bought a lot of snacks.  I should have picked up a defibrillator while we were there for when I showed the receipt to Big Daddy.  Yesterday Colin watered for Grandpa John and went for haircuts with his Dad.  Today . . . Today we had forced “Movie Time with Mom.”  This is where Mom picks the movie and everyone who wants to heat the hidden stack of special snacks from Sam’s Club has to join in.  There’s much whining, but no one in this house can resist the smell of popcorn.  Pretty soon large and small come wandering in.

It’s hard to find a movie that is appealing to a nearly 14-year-old and a 5-year-old.  It was a Harry Potter movie today.  D had a blanket thrown over his head during the scary parts.  He enjoyed the whole experience.

Only two and half months to go.

I will take all suggestions.


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