Mom! Mom! Mom!

Mom! Are you in the bathroom???

Mom! What’s for lunch?

Mom! That’s for lunch??

Mom! My game is stuck.

Mom! How many sticks do I have to pick up?

Mom! 5 more minutes!

Mom! I have to again????

Mom!  Where are my shorts?

Mom! I have piano today????? Yes, just as it is every week at this time.

Mom! Mom! Mom!

Mom! I’m not (fill in the blank) Oh, yes, you are!

Mom! Is that thunder??

Mom! Do I have to (fill in the blank). Yes, you do.

Mom! When is Dad coming home?????  sigh. Not soon enough.

I love my boys.  They are good boys.  They entertain themselves really well.  They love their mama.  It’s just sometimes . . . I could use a minute alone.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.


One thought on “Mom! Mom! Mom!

  1. I am living the same life….but I have two girls and I do not get the thunder question 😉 Little alone time here and there is so precious!

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