Road Trip

The boys and I are packing up this morning for a road trip down to Cyberspace Sarah’s.  (Actually D is at Kindercamp, and that’s just fine.)  I’ve been studying the Minnesota DOT website and laid out my plan to avoid most major construction.  I’m pretty confident we are going to hit the Big City around rush hour, but it can’t be helped.

On Saturday Cyberspace, Colin and I are going to run/walk in a nearby 5K that promises pie at the end.  I mean what’s wrong with that?  I am definitely not as nervous as I was the first time around, but I do wish my terrific race crew could teletransport themselves to the finish line.  Brent has a prior musical obligation, so I will be missing him as well. Ma and Pa are out of the country, so no luck with them either.  Thank goodness they can keep track of me via my GPS.  They can even send me those little pep talks that get read in a delightful computer monotone. (Hint, hint race crew. Race starts at 8 am.)

It’s a little over five hours to Cyberspace’s.  We have packed every toy, book, magazine and movie into the car that fits.  When we get to her house there will be a sort of explosion when I open the doors.  That’s okay.  Can’t wait to get down there!


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