Is it possible that you go through a “nesting” phase as you are about to release your child to kindergarten, the way you do when you are about to give birth?  I don’t remember this from Colin, but this week I have:

  • Power washed the house in the area of the front door
  • Scrubbed my laundry tub with Comet
  • Given the bathroom garbage can a thorough cleaning
  • Mopped in back of the toilet
  • Washed the grate thing on the bottom of the fridge
  • Tried to bribe s’on Jeremy to rip out the carpet in my living room I have put up with for 12 years, and I need him to come NOW!!!

What’s this about?

“ML,” you’re saying.  “These are basic house cleaning activities I do every week.”

And I am glad for you.  Nothing on that list ever occurs to me unless it is really, really bad and even then.  I scrubbed the laundry tub.

I suspect, don’t you, that I am trying to control things in a situation where I am losing control.  I am sure it is a perfectly natural reaction, but what’s next?  Scrubbing the kitchen counter tops with bleach? Shelf paper? The basement?????


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