Birthday Teen

You know I gush about this kid so much.  I can’t imagine there is any doubt in your mind that aside from the teen eye rolling and shoulder slumping, I am devoted to this great kid.  Happy birthday to my very gifted teen.

Colin, you are good at so many things, but my one of my favorite characteristics about you is that, in the same way your mother knows she is a little crazy, you know you are a little autistic.  You work so hard to compensate, but you are always yourself.  God made you exactly the way He needs you, and you are fulfilling your purpose in Him.

They ain’t heavy, they’re my brother’s Crocs.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Teen

  1. Let me add that I’m so proud of the young man he has become and how hard he tries every day to learn more about himself and the people and the world around him.

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