Stinky Carpet

S’on Jeremy came yesterday bright and early and we took the old stinky carpet out of the living room.  I felt sort of bad because, if for some reason you didn’t have a nose and were just walking on it, it would feel pretty good on your tootsies.  Unlike the orange carpet in my bedroom which smells fine but feels horrible.  I digress.

So out went the musty and (I am sorry to say) pee smelling carpet.  I feel strongly that it wasn’t just my animals and until I hear otherwise I am going to assume that the grandma who lived in this house before us had a small dog of her own.  I doubt it.  She was very, very tidy, but I am just going to live with that for now.

I anticipated a great personal feeling of relief.  When you have musty, pee smelling carpet, you don’t want people to come and sit on the floor.  And horror upon horrors, do not let anyone come and sit on the floor while it’s raining and the humidity levels are high, thereby increasing the musty pee smell.  Whew!!

I did not anticipate the mourning period Fritz T would have.

“I don’t know where to rest!!! Nothing smells right any more!!”

You know how the kids have those stinky things they love so.  Colin still has a stuffed dog.  I have washed and washed and washed that poor thing.  It is falling apart.  It still smells horrid.  He still likes to know where it is.  Maybe our nasty living room carpet was that for Fritz.  He wanders around with a sad look on his face, looking for a place to rest.  Often times I have found him laying in the front entry with his nose against the door.  Maybe old friend stinky carpet is coming back.

No.  No, it’s not.  I’ll get you blanket, dog, but that carpet is gone for good.


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