And in the end . . .

In the end, I have taken down my post from Monday.  I am stressing out that it may be perceived or used in a way I never intended. Please read the definitions of introvert/extrovert and loner on wikipedia and enjoy the argument Josh makes that Jesus was an introvert.

I know I did.


Jesus is constantly stealing away for alone-time (Luke 5:16). After Jesus’ Baptism and that incredibly powerful image of the voice booming from Heaven Jesus’ first move is to. . .go off alone into the desert.


When he learns of the death of John the Baptist he doesn’t find the nearest wake for his mourning. He goes off to a solitary place.


When he retreats to the Garden of Gethsemane he brings his friends but he also goes off to pray alone.


Of course there are also the Weddings at Cana and the Last Suppers, but they never read like Jesus is drawing energy from the festive atmosphere, but more like he is giving of himself to those around him.



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