Wedding Duets

I think I wrote many years ago of Colin’s kindergarten Sunday school teacher, a big guy named Barry.  Colin wasn’t sure he wanted to go to Sunday School but Barry just picked him up and off they went.  You just don’t mess around when your Sunday School teacher is a big guy named Barry.

Well, we  loved Barry and his wife Mary, who was my neighbor in choir.  Their daughter Jessica got married and we were asked to sing.  It was so fun for a number of reasons.  One reason is I sort of thought our wedding singing days were over.  I’ve been waiting for our first funeral call, frankly.  It’s okay.  We go from one season to the next.

In addition to the duets that Brent and I sang, Brent played the processional which was a piano/organ duet.  Sue, another friend from back in our church choir days, played the organ.  The duet was tricky because depending on how long it took the rest of the wedding party to get down the aisle, Sue and Brent were going to have back up and repeat portions until they got to the big, blown out part where the bride came down.  They weren’t able to practice it with the wedding party as much as they would have liked, so it was my job to stand between the organ and piano, keep an eye on the processional, and relay messages back and forth between Brent and Sue.

Easy, peasy I thought.

Well, the wedding party started coming down the aisle and things were going pretty smoothly until they got to the part where they needed to repeat.

“Tell Sue fifty . . .,” said Brent and then he turned back to his music just as he was saying the rest of the page number.

I panicked.  Clearly there was not time to have him repeat what he said, and so I turned to Sue and said, “He says fifty-something.”

Sue nodded her head and kept on playing.  I have no idea what she was thinking but the music continued on nicely from my point of view.  This went on for four bridesmaids and groomsmen, two ring bearers and finally a small flower girl.

“Where are they???” asked Sue.  She and Brent had repeated the same portion about five times and they were headed again for the bride part.  They needed to decide if they were going to repeat again.

“Flower girl!!” I semi-shouted over the organ/piano to the slightly hard of hearing Sue.

Brent turned to me with a wild look in his eye.  “How many flower girls again???”

“One!!!” I mouthed to him.

I looked up expecting to see the bride ready to come down after the flower girl.  No bride.  No bride, no bride shadow.  No personal attendant looking anxiously to a side of the narthex I could not see.  No edge of the tuxedo of the towering Barry.  Nothing.

Sue and Brent were headed to the bride part.

Nothing.  “I don’t see her!!!” I semi-shouted to them both.

Was this it??  Was this the wedding where the bride changed her mind and bolted out the backdoor?!?!

“I don’t see her!!!” I said again.

Just then Sue hit the trumpet stop on the organ and she and Brent launched into the bride part, the congregation popped to their feet and stared back at the empty space  where the bride should have been by now and . . .  just when I thought I was going to burst into anxious tears . . . out came Barry and Jessica from behind the library doors where no one would see the bride until she was good and ready to make her bridal entrance.

Whew!  Good for Jessica.  That was some entrance.

We sang our little hearts out and went to the reception and danced in our good shoes on a beautiful night in July.

Just as it should be at a summer wedding.


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