School Supplies ’12

I made my second school supply pass through Target yesterday. D’s kindergarten list is pretty straightforward:  crayons, pencil box, one folder, one notebook, etc.  Colin’s is more challenging.  Do you remember this from last year:  binders, a certain solar calculator, dividers, composition notebook, regular notebook, etc.

Last year Colin was complaining that everybody borrowed pencils from him.  The day I went to school with him in the morning, I discovered he was carrying around a pencil box from class to class.  He had pencils by the box full at the ready.  I’m going to see if I can wean him down to some sort of pouch this year.  I have purchased them in every size and shape in the hopes we will hit something.  Also I got one giant binder instead of four.  That was an option and I like it.  Hopefully it will eliminate the forgotten binder.

This reminds me that he needs a new gym bag for bringing home stinky gym clothes.  Last year’s bag DIED.

Would this be easier or harder if I had my kids in a row age-wise?


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