Mountain Running

You’re thinking I didn’t keep up with my running on vacation, aren’t you?

Well, HA!! Check me out.

Okay, but I am always honest with you.  Normally, now I am running three miles a day.  Mountain running required a major mileage adjustment — like a mile and half . . . with rest breaks.  The elevation I am standing at in the picture is 7,902 feet.  The elevation at home is 1, 161 feet.

That will suck the oxygen out of a gal.

But check out the view.  Was that something or what?  Brent and I were the only ones there at that moment which is really saying something for Yellowstone in August.  It was totally worth the lack of oxygen and the concern we were going to run into a bear on the trail.  Brent clapped to warn the bear away.  The clapping was a bit much for me.  It reminded me of the race where he was talking.  Remember that?  The alternative was that we would surprise a bear. I accepted the clapping in that light.


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