Family Vacation

The highlight for our trip for me was being with so much family.  We caught favorite s’daughter Shelby between jobs, so she was able to come with us and made an excellent addition to our back seat.

I tease her because I love her . . . Not only did she keep her brothers entertained and full of snacks, she made the trip so much more delightful for all of us because that’s the kind of person she is.  She is optimistic, go with the flow, and easy to entertain.  She was away from the beloved for a whole week and she was never once melancholy about it.  (I was with mine the whole time and the same can not be said of me.) She’s my favorite stepdaughter and a perfect traveling companion.  I am going to miss her very much as I am sure her car trips with us will come fewer and farther between.

When we got to YNP, we met up with my sister Cyberspace Sarah and her family.

We have gone on trips with my sister and the girls before but this was the first time her husband Brennan was able to join us.  He made a very acceptable addition to our group.

I tease him because I love him . . .

Then when we got to Cody, we met up with our parents and put on our t-shirts. It was their 45th wedding anniversary last week.

This picture is missing Jeremy and Rachel who weren’t able to join us and were very much missed.  We will have to cut and paste them into the photo later.

THEN, the next day we met up with three aunts and uncle and several cousins including our good blog reader-friend- cousin Josh who is having a mid-life crisis (when he isn’t even 40 yet) and channeling his inner mountain man.

Looks like my aunt Rayna and Preschooler D are missing, so they must have been the ones taking the picture.  You know D, of course, but I feel badly leaving Rayna out.


There.  I feel better.

We had a barbecue.  This is my uncle lighting the grills . . .

. . . with a propane tank.  Don’t try this at home, kids.  Know the title of my blog?  Is it all becoming a little clearer now?


6 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Happy #45, Mary and John! This blog is a great way to mark and remember the family vacation! The pictures and narrative –fantastic! Lynda W.

  2. Really enjoyed the trip–thanks for including all of us who had to stay in exciting MN!!
    Saw your mom 2 days before trip & she didn’t mention the big 45-HAPPY 45!!

  3. Awh 🙂 I’m glad you liked traveling with me! Same here 🙂 And that is a cute photo (the one where I’m awake….)- I may have to steal that one for a profile picture!

  4. Looks like you guys had such a great time. I was recently privileged enough to make a trip to an indoor water park in Duluth, MN, with not only my immediate family (5 of us), but also 14 members of my extended family. Some we haven’t seen in a few years. Such a blessing.

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