Yes, that’s what I said . . .

We saw the beguiling kindergarten teacher Mrs. H going into dinner as we were coming out on Friday.  D, worn down to a frazzle, took one look at her and yelled, “Don’t look at me!!!”

My boys can be so charming.

Fortunately Mrs. H is a very experienced teacher and said, “Everyone got tired by the end of the week.”

Then she said, “We discovered this week that Daniel can read.”

I smiled at her in an understanding manner.  I sent her an email a couple of weeks ago saying “Daniel is a pretty good little reader.  Of course, I am terribly biased.”  I don’t blame her for not really believing me.  I’m sure she gets a lot of over enthusiastic mommies who are sure that their children are the most brilliant.

Of course, mine are.

I sent a number of these friendly notes about Colin to his band teacher before he finally became the pianist for the jazz band last year.  I have seen that teacher turn and hustle the other way when she saw me coming.

Where is that very fragile line about believing and expecting the very best for our children and being realistic about who they are and what they do?  No doubt I would be rich from a very well-read parenting book if I knew the answer to that.


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