My Glass is 1/3 Full

I was walking out of a restaurant last week when I ran into a couple I know but not very well. Both people in this couple work in a high-stress environment.  After speaking with them for a while, the man said, “You are always so happy.  You should come and just sit in my office during the day.”

Stunned, I laughed . . . reinforcing his theory.

It’s not that I don’t want to be labeled “happy.”  I was just surprised.  I come from a long line of stoic and dry-witted people.  They were/are journalists, authors, educators, students, depression era farmers — serious, thoughtful people.  Funny, yes.  Happy, yes — but not the sort of people you might walk away from saying, “There goes one happy, happy group!”  I think you’d walk away from my ancestors saying, “Huh.  Those people are smart.  A little odd . . . but very smart.”

Do you see what I mean?  The reaction of the man I ran into was completely foreign to me.  It seems I equate happy people with a lack of seriousness or intellect, but I know the conversation we were having was both serious and intellectual.  AND days later I am still thinking about this. Only a serious and intellectual person would do that, right?

I’m not going back to this man to ask, “What did you mean by calling me happy?”  I’ve come up with a few of my own answers:

1. Did he mean I am optimistic?  Because in spite of identifying with Eeyore more than Pooh, I do think I am optimistic.  My hardy ancestors were Tim Gunn sort of people. They made it work.

2. Did he mean I can find humor in any situation?  I can.  Remember when my friend Faith told me the story of being bonked on the head by the local priest because she was a “non-catholic?”  Nearly peed in my pants during that funeral.

3.  Is it true that I am just plain happy?  I need to think more on that one.

4. Psalm 118:24



8 thoughts on “My Glass is 1/3 Full

  1. It’s the Lord living His life through you that people see and are drawn to. Happiness isn’t just a smile, happiness isn’t simply having a less-chaotic lifestyle, true happiness isn’t dependent upon circumstances. The happiness people see in you is truly the fruit of the Spirit … JOY. Thank you for being a witness of what God can and will do with our ordinary, often trouble-filled lives. When He is the source of our joy, people notice!

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